Q I’d like to ask you about Han Suk-kyu: At the beginning of your career, you worked with him a lot in films and on TV but around 1999 your careers drifted apart. I’m interested to know how your relationship has progressed over time as you have focused on younger directors and talent and as you’ve said you choose the director to work with first?

Choi Min-sik: Our relationship hasn’t changed at all. Personally, he was one of my juniors at university and I’ve known him since he was 21 years old. Even now, we would often meet up and talk and in ‘Oldboy’ the character that Yoo Ji-tae played, called Lee Woo-jin, I actually recommended that character to him very strongly. I also recommended the character played by Lee Byung-hun in ‘I Saw the Devil’ to him as well but it didn’t work out. Even now, he’s an actor that I would love to work with again and he’s also a dear friend… but the director’s opinion is more important.

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